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Phoebe Tsang

I am a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist-Supervisor (#2017290) of Canadian Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (CAMFT), a BC Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (#1803) of BC Play Therapy Association and a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#1830) of BCACC.

I believe in the inherent worth of all human beings and our innate force to grow and heal beyond our difficult past; and understanding our struggles instead of forcibly pushing through. Healing and growth take place when people are in touch with their vulnerability in safe relationships; therefore, I strive to create "a relational home" (Epstein, 2013) for people to be able to process their struggle and fragility, and work alongside with their loved ones towards healing and growth.

I have been working as a mental health clinician in various settings (e.g., private practice, school, mental health outpatient, community mental health team, and public health) for over 20 years. I have served children aged 2 to 19 with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues (e.g., anxiety, ADHD, depression, selective mutism) and their families as well as adults aged 19 to 60 years old with emotional and physical issues (e.g., chronic pain, anxiety, developmental trauma, depression).  In the past 8 years, I focus on using Emotionally Focused therapy developed by Dr. Sue Johnson to support individuals, couples, and families based on the attachment science.

I have specialized training span from individual therapy, somatic psychotherapy, play therapy, group therapy, family therapy, parenting coaching and and couples counselling.  I am a certified family trauma professional by the International Association of Trauma Professionals to provide trauma-informed treatment.  I completed Phase One Brainspotting training, which is an effective method that works with anxiety and trauma impacts.  I am also the originator and a group leader of a highly rated mindfulness-based parenting group offered in Richmond Public Health.

As an Approved Clinical Supervisor in family therapy and play therapy, I specialize in the incorporation of play therapy into family therapy practice based on the attachment theory and neuroscience studies like the Polyvagal Theory.  I provide individual and group supervision or consultation to support therapist working towards the registration of RMFT and BCRPT.  I was given the People First Preceptor Award by the Vancouver Coastal Health in 2014 for my capacity in supervising intern therapists; and I was an adjunct professor in the Associated Canadian Theological Seminaries (ACTS) of Trinity Western University for 6 years in the Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, teaching graduate course and supervised graduate students.

I can provide therapy in English, Cantonese & Mandarin. My working hours are Monday & Thursday (9am to 2:30pm) Online, Friday (9:30am to 2:30pm) at the Burnaby office; and Saturday mornings at the Vancouver office. 

If you are a new client, please first email to [email protected] or call us at 778-960-0928 to make sure our clinicians have capacity to take new clients.  


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Phoebe Tsang, Master of Counselling, RMFT-S, RCC &BCRPT-S
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