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We, Rosamond Chan and Phoebe Tsang, offer a wide range of services to support individuals (children, adolscents and adults), couples and families.  These services include:

Individual Therapy:

Individual Therapy is a process through which an individual (a child, a teen or an adult) works one-on-one with one of our experienced therapists in a safe, confidential and client-centered environment.  Through the therapy process, the individual's feelings, beliefs, behaviors and somatic responses are explored so as to work towards healing and growth.  Please click on "Individual Therapy" above for more details of issues that our therapists have worked with other individual clients.  

Couple Therapy (Marital or Pre-marital Counselling):

In Couple Therapy, the focus of treatment is the relationship.  Some couples choose counselling as a preventive measure (e.g. Pre-marital counselling).  Some couples seek for counselling support in order to break out of negative or hurtful interactive patterns. Some may come after a crisis or signficiant event.  Through Couple Therapy, we walk together with both partners in the relationship to create a shift in their interaction, and re-establish a healthy emotional connection within the couple relationship.  Please click on "Couple Therapy" above for more details of issues that our therapists have worked with other couples.

Therapy for Children/Teens & Parents:

We are a team of therapists with expertise in working with children and adolescents who exhibit some difficult behaviors and emotions due to various reasons.  Parents are also supported to explore the reasons and meanings behind their children's struggles. Please click on "Therapy for Children/Teens & Parents" above for more details of services we provide for this population.

Disclaimer:  The psychotherapy services offered by our clinicians are in support of children, youth, adult individuals,couples & families wanting to do significant work on themselves & their relationship. Results cannot be guaranteed. As with other therapy services offered, no warranty or guarantee is made either explicit or implied.  As with any psychotherapy, unpleasant emotions, discomfort, distress and other reactions/responses may occur.


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