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Rosamond Chan

Rosamond Chan, MC, RCC

I am a Registered Clinical Counselor who provides counseling to children, adolescents and adult individuals, as well as couples and families.  I can provide services in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

My goal as a therapist is to help clients establish or restore emotional health by providing safety, acceptance and empathy in a non-judgmental environmental with appropriate boundaries.  I believe that each individual has internal strength for growth and healing; and each relationship stores the power of positive changes.  I am here to support you, and your loved ones, through difficult times and move forward in life. 

I have helped clients explore the following issues:

  • Children and adolescents with various social, emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • Child and youth mental health issues, e.g. OCD, Selective Mutism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety Disorder etc.
  • Family issues and parenting struggles
  • Mental health issues related to pregnancy or post-partum period
  • Emotional distress, e.g. anger, anxiety, depression
  • Self-image and esteem issue
  • Stress management
  • working through terrible past experience (e.g. Motor Vehicle Accident)

I have been in the counselling field for more than 16 years.  I have served children aged 2 to 19 and their families in community mental health team, public health program, schools, community-based agencies, university and private practice.  Integrating my extensive training in play and expressive therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based interventions, I am one of the originators and facilitators of the profound “Mindful Parent Resilient Child” parenting program in Richmond, BC.

In my many years of work at the counselling field, I have witnessed many positive changes in clients through an enhancement in present-focused self-awareness, and through higher level of connection with significant others as the power for positive growth.  My passion lies in supporting individuals in managing difficult emotions through life challenges, empowering parents to enhance a joyful engagement with their children, and strengthening couples to establish a safe emotional connection.

If you are a new client, please first email to [email protected] or call us at 778-960-0928 to make sure our clincians have capacity to take new clients.  

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Rosamond Chan, MC, RCC
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